¡Mamá, no me montes escenas! Rosie Rushton


Published: 2003


221 pages


¡Mamá, no me montes escenas!  by  Rosie Rushton

¡Mamá, no me montes escenas! by Rosie Rushton
2003 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 221 pages | ISBN: | 7.26 Mb

The first time I read this book I thought it was amazing. However, I was in primary school at the time and years below the target audience. I later read this book when I was the age it was intended for and I thought that it was OK. Now, as I read it one final time (I’m reading some books I’m getting rid of) I find that I no longer like this book, finding the characters incredibly annoying, seeming to only see their own side of the story and not thinking about others.Just Don’t Make a Scene Mum is the first in a series of books set around the day-to-day lives of several teenagers and their parents and looks a lot at the relationships between them and simply, growing up.

We can all relate to being embarrassed to our parents, though we may not all be able to relate to be entirely selfish and only thinking of ourselves as some of the characters seem to be (I didn’t think very highly of any of the characters) and I hope to dear god that I was not like that as a teenager.Each character seemed caught up in their own little worlds and didn’t seem to think much about anyone else.

They were always complaining about the actions of others and, especially the teenagers, seemed to think that they were entitled to everything and that they should get anything they wanted. Often, I just wanted to slap them around the face and tell that that the world does not revolve around them. The adults were better but they still didn’t seem brilliant.The whole concept of the book is around the problems in communication that all teenagers have with their parents. It was useful in having both points of view as it helps teenagers see things from their parent’s point of view and perhaps help them understand things a little better.

However, the reasons behind the problems seem to stem from each character seeing themselves as the centre of the universe and not even bothering to try and think of other. I found this incredibly hard to relate to. In fact, I found it really hard to relate to any of the characters in this book.(view spoiler)[ There is one part of the book where a girl falls out with a friend because a boy she had met once and ‘liked’ was paying more attention to her friend.

She believes that this is all her friends fault and stops talking to her, when her friend has no idea about her ‘liking’ him and so has no idea what-so-ever as to why they’ve fallen out. She then goes on to try and get her other friends to fall out with her as well. This is totally ridiculous and absolutely pathetic. Unfortunately, I can imagine people doing this. This particular part of the book really wound me up as her friend has no idea what is going on and this is obvious, yet her friend blames her and tries to isolate her.

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