Bitchin, Book Two Lexi Dare


Published: November 12th 2014

Kindle Edition


Bitchin, Book Two  by  Lexi Dare

Bitchin, Book Two by Lexi Dare
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There are some things you need to understand before you embark on this journey with Carl and Joel:1. Carl is not nice.2. Carl is a sexual sadist, but not in the traditional sense of the word.3. Carl is neither gay nor straight.4. Carl does not believe in force, but he’s not above coercion.Joel is happy to start his first year in college.

Away from the small town he grew up in and the strict parents who raised him. He’s finally on his own and on his way…Or is he?Never could he have considered a roommate like Carl. Carl is big, bruising and makes no bones about his plans to get into Joel’s pants. Carl says he not gay, Joel knows he’s not, but something about the confident way Carl eyes him makes Joel wary and determined to stay on his guard.Too bad, it’s probably not going to do any good…Carl doesn’t know why Joel’s so wary, he’s already told him he has no intention of doing anything Joel doesn’t agree to.

That doesn’t mean he’s not above stacking the deck in his favor. Carl has more than a few tricks up his sleeve to have Joel bent over before he realizes what’s happening…To Carl power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, the power to make someone do things they never thought they’d do. Not through force, but subtle application of mind games.Carl even has a special name for his ‘game’ he plays with these boys.He calls it Bitchin’…About Book Two:Carl has put phase one of his plan into place and he has Joel’s orgasms on lockdown until Joel ponies up a few favors for Carl.Bitchin’ is a tale of m/m sex so if that kind of thing freaks you out, this isn’t the tale for you.

Bitchin will be told over six episodes, all of which are available now. Enjoy!Warning: This book contains scenes of M/M sex, F/M sex, orgasm denial, milking, reluctant consent, and other things that might be considered inappropriate to readers under the age of 18.

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